We are Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife

Our Mission

CLAW advocates for the protection of wildlife in Los Angeles, educates citizens about its fundamental importance and promotes the establishment of wildlife habitats and wildlife corridors in L.A. County and beyond. 

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Our Vision

Through our achievements forged in the city of LA, our vision is a world in which citizens everywhere ensure future generations’ connection to nature by banding together to protect wildlife, enhance biodiversity, and increase open space.

Our Goals

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Our Accomplishments

  • Preserved 17 acres of open space habitat in Laurel Canyon with our Let's Buy A Mountain project, a partnership with Laurel Canyon Association and Mountain and Recreation Conservation Authority.

  • Protected habitat by holding conservation easements on multiple parcels of land.

  • Sponsored a motion banning the use of rat poison that resulted in LA Dept of Recs & Parks drastically reducing its use.

  • Sponsored a motion for an ordinance creating Wildlife Corridors in ecologically sensitive areas of Los Angeles.

  • Ran a "Vote Yes On Parklands" campaign supporting ballot measures A, FF, and GG. All three measures passed with more than 70% of voter support.

  • Launched the CLAW Barn Owl Nesting Box Program.

  • Launched CLAW's fire safety and wildlife signage program.

  • CLAW’s ongoing advocacy has covered issues from protecting LA trees to banning indiscriminate fishing methods in California.

CLAW founders, science advisors, and citizen supporters at City Hall celebrate the  decision to reduce rodenticide use by LA Recreation and Parks Department.

CLAW founders, science advisors, and citizen supporters at City Hall celebrate the
decision to reduce rodenticide use by LA Recreation and Parks Department.

The well-being of people, wildlife and the environment are inextricably linked. The impact of urban development in Los Angeles, particularly in the Santa Monica Mountain range, is having an immediate, deleterious effect on native flora and fauna, and entire wildlife species. 

CLAW supports the evolution of planning and land-use policy to protect the environment and wildlife when development occurs. Moreover, we work to expose actions that pose a clear and present danger to existing wildlife and habitats, including hillside fires, environmental criminals and the negligent behavior that can occur during development, urbanization and creation of industry.

Although our immediate goals are to protect wildlife and habitat within the city and county boundaries of Los Angeles, our plan is to build a nationwide model for conservation and wildlife protection. To that end, we are joining forces with community-based grassroots organizations and working with communities, politicians and businesses to find solutions that will allow both people and nature to thrive.

Rodenticides are having a terrible impact on the wildlife in the mountains in and around Los Angeles. I’m pleased to be working with CLAW and looking into ways we can protect our mountain lions and bobcats and restore the natural balance of pest control in our wild areas.
— Paul Koretz, Los Angeles City Council, District 5