Let's Ban Rat Poison!

AB 2422 is a state bill authored by Assembly Member Richard Bloom that would ban all anticoagulant rodenticides in California, except for agricultural use. This bill would protect countless wild animals from the harmful effects of secondary poisoning (for more info on this problem, see our rodenticide page).

Currently, the bill is being reviewed by the State Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife (WPW). Use this form to contact the Committee Secretary, Chinook Shin, and express your support for this bill:

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In a polite and concise message, please tell the committee why you support a ban on rodenticides. You can copy and paste the following, or use the bullet points as a guide to explain in your own words: Dear WPW Committee: I am a Citizen for Los Angeles Wildlife, writing to urge you to support AB 2422. •When wild predators eat rats who have consumed anticoagulant rodenticides, they in turn show symptoms of poisoning. This can lead to death from mange or internal hemorrhaging. •Nearly 75% of wild animals in California test positive for rodenticide exposure. In the Santa Monica Mountains region, 90% of mountain lions and 92% of bobcats have rat poison in their system. •At least 29 animal species in California are affected by secondary poisoning, including endangered species such as the San Joaquin Kit Fox. •Rodenticides are not necessary for effective pest control, and have been shown to have a counterproductive effect by weakening and killing natural predators of rodents.