Say “NO” to Trap and Release for L.A. Coyotes


On October 3rd, 2018, L.A. City Councilmember Mitch Englander introduced a motion to direct L.A. Animal Services to report on implementing a trap and release coyote management plan. CLAW opposes a policy of trap and release, which has been shown to result in coyote deaths and an increase in human-coyote conflict. Furthermore, such a policy would be illegal under California state law (Title 14, § 465.5).

CLAW has filed a letter in opposition to this motion, but your voice is needed to make sure this misguided proposal goes no further. Please take a moment to use the form below to add your comment to the Council File.

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*In a polite and concise message, please tell the committee why you oppose this motion. You can copy and paste the following, or use your own words in the box below.* Honorable Chairperson Koretz and PAW committee members: I am a Citizen for Los Angeles Wildlife, and I oppose Council File 16-0585-S2, and the motion to propose a trap and release program for coyotes for the following reasons. It is inhumane: Coyote trapping is an inhumane practice, as relocated coyotes often do not survive. Furthermore, the removal of a parent may result in the abandonment of pups who are too young to fend for themselves. It is ineffective: When alpha males are removed, younger males are drawn into the area, leading to an increase in mating and litter size. In the end, there is no reduction, and possibly there is an increase, in the local coyote population. The younger and less experienced population may be more prone to undesirable behaviors, particularly if the fundamental causes of these behaviors are not addressed. There are better options: The fundamental causes of human-coyote conflicts are habitat encroachment and fragmentation, and the habituation of coyotes to urban areas as a result of people purposely or accidentally feeding or sheltering them. Addressing these causes would be a much more effective use of time and resources, through programs that promote the best practices for communities, including coyote "hazing," which teaches the coyotes to fear and avoid humans. Please join in opposition to this motion, and focus instead on expanding education and coexistence programs in Los Angeles.