Protect Wildlife Corridors in LA!

...the city passed an ordinance nearly two years ago that would require developers in a designated wildlife habitat linkage zone to build pathways or leave space through their properties to serve as wildlife corridors. The problem is that the ordinance has yet to be implemented. The city should get moving.
— LA Times Editorial Board, January 16, 2018

In 2016, LA City Council voted to pass the Wildlife Corridor Ordinance, and designate the eastern Santa Monica Mountains (between the 405 and 101 freeways) as a Wildlife Habitat Linkage Zone. Any new housing within this region must be developed in a way that does not impinge on wildlife movement or existing corridors. 

Unfortunately, the adoption and implementation of this ordinance has been languishing. Use the form below to add your support to the council file and press our city into action!

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Please tell LA City Council why you support a ban on rodenticides. You can copy and paste the following, or explain in your own words: Dear Council Members, I am a Citizen for Los Angeles Wildlife and I support the Wildlife Habitat Linkage Zone ordinance. The Santa Monica Mountains is a special mountain range ecosystem that runs through the heart of Los Angeles. LA City’s eastern portion of urbanized canyons and hillsides between the I-405 and I-5 freeways is a critical Wildlife Habitat Linkage Zone that should be established in our municipal code in order to protect the migratory patterns and habitats of our native animals. The time is now to implement this ordinance.