UPDATE: We Did It! 

CLAW helped influence LA City Council to update No Smoking signage for our hillside and canyon communities to protect residents and wildlife habitats. 

2013 CLAW banner in Hollywood Hills

2013 CLAW banner in Hollywood Hills

CLAW wanted to make sure we do all we can to reduce our risk against catastrophic fire. 

In 2013, we created "no smoking" lawn signs, banners and bumper stickers for our citizenry. The popularity and effectiveness of our signage helped update LA City's no smoking signs for "very high fire hazard severity zones" with a council action in 2015. 

If you are an LA hillside or canyon resident -- contact LAFD, your area Council Office or your Neighborhood Council for more information on how to get these new signs posted in your community. 



2015 LA City's official warning

2015 LA City's official warning

                             The LA City Fire Department supports our signs!

KEEP HILLSIDE BRUSH CLEAR ALL YEAR ROUND.  Visit the LAFD website for compliance guidelines and to sign up to receive email, text twitter notifications from LAFD for red flag warnings & fire danger updates.

• ACCESSIBLE SECURITY GATES If you have a gated property, make sure your local fire station has access to the key or combination. In the event that you are away when a fire occurs in your neighborhood, this will help the fire department easily access your property in order to save your home.

• SWIMMING POOLS If you have a pool, consider purchasing a pool pump and a generator to keep nearby. Post a sign to alert the fire department that you have a pool and include how many gallons of water your pool holds. This could be the difference between losing your home and saving it. 

• PARKING ENFORCEMENT may be your first line of defense against fires in the hills. The fire department notes that they cannot guarantee to even reach many hillside and canyon streets because of sub-standard roadway widths and illegally parked vehicles. Report parking scofflaws in high fire zone to parking enforcement immediately. LA CITY PARKING ENFORCEMENT 213-485-4184.