This uncollared mountain lion lives in the Eastern Santa Monica Mountains in the heart of Los Angeles. Please don't fence in his wildlife corridors with overdevelopment and don't poison his food with rat poison. CLAW advisor Martyn Lenoble expands CLAW's Nature Cam program with motion activated cameras on an undisclosed deer trail in the Santa Monicas.

A singalong version featuring the mountain lion’s favorite song.

This June 5th, vote YES on Proposition 68 in the California election. This bond measure will provide much needed funding for the restoration, protection, and expansion of wildlife corridors and open space.

Animals are running to the polls this June 5th, to vote YES on Proposition 68 in the California election.

On December 2017, the Let's Buy A Mountain nature preserve project was finalized! We are so grateful to everyone who supported this endeavor. Let's Buy A Mountain is a partnership project between Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife, Laurel Canyon Association, and Mountains and Recreation Conservation Authority.

Residents in Los Angeles hillsides (Santa Monica Mountains) (Hollywood Hills) discuss the value of preserving wildlife habitats and the effects of urban infill and building. Read more here.

Imagine if you could tackle climate change, save wildlife, preserve a natural environment. What if the area were historic Laurel Canyon, the legendary mountain that has inspired generations of poets and musicians like Joni Mitchell, the Doors, Crosby, Stills & Nash, the Mamas and the Papas, Donovan. Read more here.

Please enjoy this short video by one Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles child who hopes you'll help make a tax deductible donation and help us reach our goal to raise $1.6 million to buy 17 acres of open space for wildlife habitat.

Each day our wildlife is in danger of being poisoned by homeowners, local businesses, and professional exterminators. The poison comes from common household pesticides, the most dangerous of which are called "Anticoagulant Rodenticides." This type of poison is easily purchased and commonly used to kill rodents. Read more here.

The Barn Owl Nesting Box Program is part of CLAW's work to end the use of rodent poison (rodenticide) in Los Angeles and beyond. Read more here or get your very own nesting box here.