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The LA Times covers the successful acquisition of the "Let's Buy A Mountain" land.

The LA Times covers the successful acquisition of the "Let's Buy A Mountain" land.

On December 2017, the Let's Buy A Mountain nature preserve project was finalized! We are so grateful to everyone who supported this endeavor. Let's Buy A Mountain is a partnership project between Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife, Laurel Canyon Association, and Mountains and Recreation Conservation Authority.

A Google Earth view of the property lying between  Lookout Mountain Avenue  and  Stanley Hills Drive  in historic Laurel Canyon.

A Google Earth view of the property lying between Lookout Mountain Avenue and Stanley Hills Drive in historic Laurel Canyon.

It's not as crazy as you think.

In 2015, The Laurel Canyon Association and CLAW initiated an agreement to purchase 17 acres of nearly pristine hillside in historic Laurel Canyon.  This land will be maintained as open space by the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority in coordination with CLAW and the Laurel Canyon Land Trust.

Why Laurel Canyon?

The Laurel Canyon neighborhood is one of the oldest hillside communities in Los Angeles.  Founded as a nature retreat accessible only on foot or by donkey, it eventually became famous as a mecca for 60's rockers.  One hundred years later, it is still home to mountain lions, bobcats, deer, raccoon, owls and hawks.  Unfortunately, ongoing development is tearing apart its habitat and disrupting its sensitive biodiversity. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to permanently preserve 17 acres of open space in one of the city's most iconic locations. 

The cost of the land is $1.6 Million, but the benefit is priceless: protecting pristine wildlife habitat in the heart of one of the world's largest cities. 

We did it! Thank you everybody!!!!!!!!!!!

Questions & Answers

Who did this?

The Laurel Canyon Association (LCA) in partnership with the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA), Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife (CLAW) and the Laurel Canyon Land Trust (LCLT) entered into an agreement to purchase 17 acres of the mountain between Lookout Mountain Avenue and Stanley Hills Drive. All parties have carefully vetted the deal. We also have the backing of Councilman Ryu, Councilman Koretz and County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl.

Why is the MRCA involved?

The MRCA is a local agency that works with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (a State agency) and other agencies to manage open space. They are expert at this, plus they take on the costs associated with management of the land. This frees local organizations from long-term liabilities such as brush clearance, insurance, and taxes.

Why this land?

It's not often that any open space becomes available for purchase, especially a parcel as large and magnificent as this one, in the prime location of Laurel Canyon. All of the most easily developed lots were bought and built upon long ago, so now only the most challenging properties are left. However, that has not stopped developers. As land prices go up, developers are willing to pay whatever it takes to develop vacant land, and that goes for this huge parcel, too. As we have seen in past fights, we can slow them down and we can stop them temporarily, but developers will keep coming back until they get what they want. The ONLY way to permanently stop development of this mountain is to buy it.

But there is another, even more important reason. Laurel Canyon is a rural wilderness area. If we want to preserve this style of life for ourselves and future generations, we must act now. If we are serious about preserving an ancient wildlife corridor, natural habitat and the City’s greenbelt, then we must act now. This means reaching into our pocketbooks to buy the remaining open space. In fact, thanks in part to the success of our efforts, The Laurel Canyon Land Trust has been established to acquire more properties in the future.

What is the land worth?

$1.6 million is way below the appraised fair market value for these 17 acres of pristine wildlife habitat, but the owners have come to believe in our mission to create wildlife habitat and have offered it to us at this price.

What were the terms of the deal?

We negotiated an agreement to pay the owners $1.6 million over 18 months. The deadline for completion of the deal was extended to December 31, 2017.

How will the land be used?

Because we have partnered with the MRCA to own and manage the land as open space, decisions about access to the land will be made by the MRCA subject to public input. The bottom line is that this mountain will be removed from threat of development. It will remain open space and wildlife habitat. Human use, by definition, will be limited and regulated by the MRCA, just as they do with the other thousands of acres of open space they manage.

Would LCA and/or CLAW be erecting a building on the property? 


Are any of the people behind this benefitting financially?

No. The founding organizers are unpaid volunteers. We will be adding more volunteers as the project develops, and they, too, will be volunteers. Of course, we will have some paid vendors for accounting, fundraising, etc., but these costs will be recorded and available for inspection.